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Блин, как же я это пропустил. Тут прекрасно просто буквально все.

In June 2015, Trudeau pledged to reform the electoral system if elected, saying, "We are committed to ensuring that 2015 is the last election held under first-past-the-post."[13][14] As the Liberals, New Democrats, Bloc Québécois, and Green Party were all in favour of reform, a different voting system could have been in place by the next federal election.[15]

A Special Committee on Electoral Reform was formed with representatives from all five parties in the House. The committee's report, Strengthening Democracy in Canada: Principles, Process and Public Engagement for Electoral Reform, was presented in December 2016 and recommended a proportional electoral system be introduced following a national referendum. The majority of the all-party committee recommended "that the government should, as it develops a new electoral system ... [seek to] minimize the level of distortion between the popular will of the electorate and the resultant seat allocations in Parliament."[16][17]

The mandate of the committee was to "identify and conduct a study of viable alternate voting systems" rather than to recommend a specific alternative system.[18] The Minister of Democratic Institutions Maryam Monsef was critical of the committee's recommendation saying "I have to admit I'm a little disappointed, because what we had hoped the committee would provide us with would be a specific alternative system to first past the post." Interim Conservative Leader Rona Ambrose said Monsef's comments were "a disgrace" and Green Party Leader Elizabeth May said "[t]he minister chose to insult the committee and chose to mislead Canadians."[16]

In February 2017, Trudeau dropped support for electoral reform, issuing a mandate to newly appointed Minister of Democratic Institutions Karina Gould, saying that, "A clear preference for a new electoral system, let alone a consensus, has not emerged. ... Changing the electoral system will not be in your mandate."[19] In response to questions from the public in Iqaluit, Trudeau said "It is because I felt it was not in the best interests of our country and of our future," citing concerns that alternative electoral systems would give too much power to "extremist and activist voices" that could create "instability and uncertainty" dividing the country.[20]

Последний абзац просто охуенен. Перевожу на русский с политического. Электоральная реформа даст слишком много влияния тем, с кем нам договориться неохота, потому что они хотят чего-то такого, что ослабит наше комфортное лидерство. Нам глубоко похуй, что эти силы поддерживает порядка 30% избирателей, мы их всех огульно назовем экстремистами и популистами, потому что так удобно объяснить, почему мнение этих людей можно и нужно засунуть им же в жопу. Я поддержал этот проект реформы чисто ради выборов, потому что я сам тот еще популист, но я, естественно никогда не планировал совершать политическое самоубийство и его реально претворять в жизнь.

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